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Lakewood School Security Nearly Doubles

For second time, BOE selects IronRock as school security provider

There are now nearly twice as many Lakewood educational institutions that are protected by armed guards than there were just a few weeks ago.

Following enhanced awareness about the security needs of nonpublic schools, roughly a dozen Lakewood elementary and high schools have hired armed security details within recent weeks alone. Several others are currently in the process of hiring armed details as well.

Moshe Fromowitz, Director of Operations for IronRock Security, welcomes this development. “As a parent in several Lakewood schools, it goes without saying that it’s imperative that we do our utmostto protect our sons and daughters while in the classroom,” he says. “Thankfully, more and more local institutions are taking the necessary steps to do so.”

IronRock Security was founded by retired Lakewood Police Chief Robert Lawson, who has over 35 years of distinguished law enforcement experience. IronRock is the exclusive Lakewood BOE vendor for nonpublic school security, which enables local schools to utilize their government security funds to subsidize the cost of guards.   

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