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About Us


IronRock Security was founded by former Lakewood Police Chief Robert C. Lawson, who has 35 years of acclaimed law enforcement experience. During his tenure, Chief Lawson recognized that security threats are best addressed via local law enforcement officials, who are on-site and aware of any potential threats. 

After his mandated retirement in 2006, Chief Lawson created IronRock Security to address the security needs of local school districts and other entities. The goal: to utilize tech and innovation alongside location-specific security plans to create a more secure environment. 

By investing heavily in top-of-the-line security guard management software, IronRock ensures maximum professionalism in all our operations.

We’ve expanded its footprint to a regional level, across the East Coast and beyond. At IronRock, we provide security services to schools, government buildings, houses of worship, residential and commercial campuses, entertainment venues and events.

IronRock guards have extensive law enforcement experience. They receive comprehensive location-specific and cultural training, form a positive relationship with the people around them, and create a more secure environment for all.


To provide professional, reliable security service that ensures our clients’ protection and peace of mind.


These core values are at the helm of every security plan we create:

Consistency & Reliability
Protection you can count on
Security where you need it, when you need it. 

Client relations above all
Constant contact to ensure protection and client satisfaction.

Safety first 
Innovative and customized solutions to create a more secure environment.

Get Secure. Get IronRock.

Ensuring your safety and your security.
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