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Hero in Monsey, NY, Fends Off Violent Stabber

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Here is the table a Hasidic man used to fend off accused Monsey madman Grafton Thomas.

Hanukkah rampage survivor Josef Gluck, 32, posed with the pinkish-marble and wooden piece of furniture — now broken from him heaving it at Thomas in a bid to stop the suspect’s machete assault — for The Post.

“I threw it at him. I kept on screaming, ‘He’s coming! Run away! Run away, everybody! He’s coming! He’s coming!’ He said, ‘Hey you, I’ll get you!’ ” Gluck recalled.

Gluck added to CNN that there were people ages 2 months to 80 years — including “maybe 20 grandchildren” — in the Rockland County home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg when Thomas stormed in during their Hanukkah celebration Saturday evening and stabbed five Jewish men.

Gluck said Thomas eventually got into his 2015 silver Nissan Sentra down the street and drove off — but not before the Jewish man got his license plate number and called 911.

A license plate reader on the George Washington Bridge soon spotted Thomas’ car and helped lead to his capture, authorities have said.

“I don’t feel like a hero,” the humble Gluck told CNN. “I feel like God is the hero. He sent me to the right place in the right time, and he gave me the right set of mind. … In that exact moment, that’s what God gave me. … That’s why I reacted.”

Link: https://nypost.com/2019/12/30/monsey-stabbing-suspect-grafton-thomas-was-fended-off-with-this-table/

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