School Started: Who is watching the kids?

It is no secret that violence on school premises is a rampant epidemic in America these days. It is also no secret that our region is saturated with anti-Semitic hate, with vicious violent rhetoric the norm on social media. As Lakewood area children and teenagers hop onto their buses each morning and head to their schools, who is keeping an eye on them?

Following an extensive bid process, the Lakewood Board of Education has once again approved the IronRock Security firm to provide security to local nonpublic schools. Yes, that means that every Lakewood elementary and high school can have a professionally trained guard during all school hours, throughout the year, subsidized by government security funding.

IronRock is not merely “a” security firm. It is “the” go-to security firm in the Lakewood region, with a particular focus on school security. IronRock provides armed and unarmed guard services to a fast-growing number of schools in Lakewood and throughout New Jersey. All guards undergo extensive background checks and professional training, as well as cultural sensitivity training. The majority of armed guards have extensive law enforcement experience of their own.

IronRock was founded by former Lakewood Police Chief Robert Lawson, who has 35 years of distinguished law enforcement experience in Lakewood, as well as close relationships with a cross section of community leaders, and federal, state and local law enforcement officials. Moshe Fromowitz, a Lakewood businessman with children in several local schools, serves as Director of Operations, ensuring that guards provide professional, reliable security for every client.

“We would like to thank the Board of Education for continuing to provide local schools the opportunity to have professional security personnel on a daily basis,” says Chief Lawson. “We look forward to working diligently with local institutions and filling new positions promptly with the highest caliber personnel available.”


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